It's Not Bad To Treat Yourself Once In A While

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Sometimes in are day to day life we focus more on working hard, study more and have a good relationship with those around you, and by this we forget to give ourselves time. Taking a break from those around us and the things we usually do can actually help us to live in a better and more peaceful life. Here are just a few of the things that I like to do to relax and unwind from my regular schedule:

Daily Glamorous

On some days I like to wake up early and make myself some breakfast; usually I crave for something more healthy like a clean omelet, oatmeal, Greek yogurt with a side of fruits and juice or coffee.


After serving my breakfast and I'm finally sitting comfortably at the table I pick up a book or a magazine. No iPhone, no computer, no radio; I try to disconnect myself from technology as much as I can by putting all electronics out of my side and enjoy a better connection to what I'm reading without checking my phone every five minutes.


Exercise! This might not be everyone's cup of tea but by doing Pilates, Yoga, Running or even just go for a walk by the near park or around your neighborhood can actually help you get in touch with yourself physically and mentally.


Take shower/bath. It makes you feel refresh and ready for the day or night. I personally like to, from time to time, use bath bombs or a shower gel with a great scent to make my skin feel smooth and smell great.


Painting my nails. I actually find this relaxing and I enjoy doing them.

Kopenhagen 💕

Walk around, visit your local market or take a walk around your town or city.

This concludes some of the things that I enjoy doing while I'm disconnected from my regular life schedule. I hope this was useful to you as it been for me in the past months. Leave a comment on what you suggest or what I left out that really helps you get in touch with yourself.

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