D.I.Y Face Mask

10:42:00 AM

Having great skin doesn't have to be expensive when you have all that you need at home. Here is an easy face masks that works for every skin type.

What you need:

   - Dry Oatmeal
   - Lemon
   - Agua Maravilla (Water Wonder)
   - A Small Bowl
   - Spoon

Have the oatmeal at a bowl and add the wonder water in little portions, stir until the oatmeal is wet but not in a liquid form. Then add only three drops of lemon juice and stir (by adding too much of the lemon juice, by it been acid, it can damage your skin.) Apply the paste to your face, do not apply it to the eyes, wear it for a few minutes until the paste is dried and later wash your face of with cold water.

   - It heals as a remedy for treating acne.
   - It moisturize your skin and leaves it smooth
   - Soothes dry and irritated skin
   - Reduces pore size
   - Reduces oil from the skin

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