College Must Haves (School Supply)

8:03:00 PM

With summer almost ending and college just around the corner, I have decided to make a list of must haves students should get when going back or staring in college. So lets begin, shall we !:

Its an obvious one but I had to include it.  I personally decorate mine, as you may see on the image above, to make them a little bit more of my style and it's fun.  I suggests you to buy one or two notebooks before class so when you pass your first day you'll know how many of them will you need.

Highlighters, very important when studying and taking notes. Its a great way to define what its really important in the material. Its good to have one or two in your school bag just in case.

Index Cards
For the times you have exams and you need a a way too quiz yourself or have someone to help you, even by just writing in them can help you remember the information.

Pencils and Erasable Pens
Need I say more? Erasable pens are great for when you don't want to deal with the haste of a pencil sharpener nor refill your pencil, and want a more cleaner writing.

 Agenda or Planner
Free Printable 2015 Calendar for A5 Planner - a little bit of prettiness
With all the assignments, exams, and activities you might have, you need to keep it organize. An agenda will become your best friend when organizing what you have to do when you have to do it for.

A Multi Pocket Folder
In college professors hand out a lot of papers and you need somewhere to store them and have your turned in assignments right where you need them and easy to take out.

Mini Stapler 
As said in the last item, professors give a lot of papers and you have to keep them all together because most of the time they don't have staplers and you see all the students in the class asking around everyone if they have a stapler.

Ear Plugs
Maybe not for when you are taking a class but when you have free time and you are in a place that is noisy, this can really help. They don't block out all the noise around you but still helps you concentrate more.

Thank you so much for reading this little list of college supply students must haves. This is what I consider important to have on campus or when studying and I hope this is useful to you as it been for me. 

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