First 4th of July in the U.S.A

1:07:00 PM

Oh, say! can you see, my first time seeing the 4th of July in America! ♫

Ah America, since coming here and seeing how Texans behaved (which btw I didn't know people could be so proud of their state) I wondered how people celebrated around here a big date like the fourth of July. Well, I was quite shocked.

For starters, during the day, the biggest supermarket there is New Braunfels sold out of hot dogs, buns, and chips!! What? That much bbq people are cooking? People are hardcore here.
Sorry for the blurry pictures haha

Around evening we visited a park nearby the house, and it was packed. Unfolded Chairs and bankets, kids playing and running around all over the place, and barbecue everywhere you looked. Everybody was gathered around, laughing and spending the night together. It felt nice to be sourounded by a nice and peaceful enviroment.

Thank you for reading this kinda of an open diary!

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