Experience doing an 11+ hour roadtrip

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Around the beginning of June, my sister and I flew to Orlando to my aunt and grandmothers house so from there we could go on a road trip from Ocala to New Orleans. Now let me tell you that from Florida to Louisiana is about 8 hours non-stop, 4 people, all of different ages, 1 rented car. How will this go?

Before ever planning to make a road trip in the future, decide whether the trip is a literal road trip or just a long drive from point A to point B. We did a long exhausting drive where our only stops were going to the bathroom and taking pictures of the welcome signs in each state. If you are going to be doing this make sure you have good stories and conversations you'll like to tell on the way because it can get quiet, fast. Also, make sure to have an extensive playlist of songs for everybody or a podcast you will all enjoy.

Be prepared... you'll need it. Besides the recommendations I mentioned previously, be sure to bring snacks and food, you will get the munchies or in case anything happens. Wear comfortable clothing because you will be sitting in a tight spot, tighter than a plane, for quite some time. Luckily we didn't have that problem, although wearing something more loose and comfy would have eased the trip.

Not everything will go as plan. Before any trip, we do an itinerary of everything we want to go see and do with the time and date to do each thing, but you can never be certain to fulfill everything exactly how you want it. From 7 hours we predicted it would take us from Florida to Louisiana, it actually took us 11 hours, not much eh? haha 

At least try it once in your life. The experience is wonderful, the places that you see and that feeling that you get when crossing one state to the other is so amazing. You can really see the difference from each state (or country.) Also, you will get to know who you are and who you are with. That is for creating a stonger bond or not traveling with them again.

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