What I've learned before my 20's

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And so a wonderful chapter closes another one opens. So long teenage years filled with doubt, challenges and experiences. You will be missed, but also, this means the beginning of a new era for me.

After freaking out about my "coming of age" and accepting my now "adult life", I looked back some things that helped shaped me into the person that I am today. Some good lessons, some hard ones but all worth it. Here is a list of things I learned before turning 20, and I thought I'm the only one who can relate:

Stop and prevent overthinking everything 

We've all done it at some point of our lives, but if you are like me, you may find it way harder to drop this bad habit. Although I haven't found the perfect way to completely eliminate it from my life, a few suggestions are to learn bit by bit how to control it, letting the mind wonder about anything else and/or meditate. With just the willingness to trying to improve makes a lot of difference. 

Even if I see others around me going far and progressing at such a young age, doesn't mean I'm not moving forward

One of the things that put me down on more resent years was seeing people my age reaching certain goals, getting their life together or participating on amazing opportunities.v There are two lessons to be learned here, 1) Never compare yourself to others and 2) Everybody reaches their destination in different ways and different times. With that being said, there is no need to be stressing about things that are coming eventually into your life, if you work hard for it of course.

Accepting myself and loving me for all my flaws

Oh so very important. We all know its hard to accept oneself after being bullied in school, seeing what the beauty standards are and how they are portrayed through all social media. To this I say f*ck it, really. Whats important is not how you you look like, is how you are inside. Your good trades, values and personality are what shape you into who you are, and I'm sure there is no other you out there, so let yourself shine.

To not waste time with people who don't deserve it 

What more can I say? If you don't like where you are and with who you are with, leave, you are not attached to them and you would be making better use with your time and energy.

Just go with the flow

Did I mention to not stress and overthink about things to much? Well here's a friendly reminder. Sometimes we just need to relax, unwind and let things happen. Not worry too much about them and let time figure some stuff out. Other times there are situations we cant control and we just have to wait and see, so sit back and follow along.

Everything happens for a reason

There have been things that haven't gone my way in the past, and later on I found out that there was something better coming ahead. I've become a true believer of the phrase: Things happen for a reason"", and if you are a believer in God or in destiny, you will know what I'm talking about.

More adventures and wonderful things ahead

And with all said and done, there is just no other thing to do than look ahead of what's coming. We may only look back at the past to see memories but not to live in it. As said, a new chapter in my life begins and even though the leap from 19 to 20 isn't a big deal, one can always reflect upon a year that has come to pass.

Thank you for reading!

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