West Side Surf Trip

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Happy 2017 everyone!! May this year bring a lot of blessings and happy memories, especially trips and adventures!

To kick start this year my surf class decided to go on a trip to Aguadilla and Rincon (paradise on earth for surfers here on the island.) And being my first time stepping on this beaches I felt speechless and like a little kid at Disney. Clear waters, turtles and fishies close to us and friendly people everywhere. Yup, this is winter in Puerto Rico.

We stayed at Cabo Rojo (far from Rincon and Aguadilla, but closer than our hometown) for three days, so our mornings consisted on waking up early, eat real quick, and head down to the beach. It didn't bother us, we were all excited and pumped to surf in new spots. I remember the mornings being chilly and the water being cold (but hey it's winter and for an outsider this might be a typical temperature.) Overall it was an amazing experience and I would love to do it again.

Here are some shots I took during our little adventure.

Surfers Beach, Aguadilla

There were actually more than twenty people in the line up (waiting for the waves.)

Best friend and surfer buddy Taysha (insta @tashy_26)
Domes Beach, Rincon

 And when we thought that twenty people were enough in Surfers Beach, Domes had almost fifty people in the line up!!

And lets not forget the crew

Grateful for spending this few days with this guys, we had a lot of fun.

Thank you for reading!

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