Healing Tea - For Sore Throats, Cough, Cold & Flu

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It's pretty rare for me to get sick so easily, but this past weekend most of my household and I got pretty sick with sore throats.  Since I really refuse the idea of taking meds, I always look for a natural home remedy.  So I went online, looked up the benefits of some ingredients from my kitchen and started to taste the results.

What you need:
» Lemon Tea – 1 bag
» Agave – 1 spoonful
» Freshly ground pepper – just a pinch

Extras: Essential oils (2 drops each)

» Rosemary
» Lemon
» Peppermint
» Eucalyptus

Boil as much or as little water you want to use and place the tea bag in it, let it sit for 5 min, covered.  Afterwards add the ground pepper, the agave, and the essential oils.  Stir it up and you’re done! (Best to drink twice a day)

Benefits of each ingredient:
» Black pepper – Helps clear congestion.
» Lemon Tea – Removes toxins, boosts the body’s immune system and cures throat infections.
» Agave – Mostly used as sweetener, fights bacteria.
» Rosemary Essential Oil – relieves respiratory disorders including sinus infections, asthma, a whooping cough, and bronchitis.
» Lemon Essential Oil – treat throat infections effectively.
» Peppermint Essential Oil – is an effective treatment for dry coughs.
» Eucalyptus – loosens any mucus in the lungs and reduces inflammation in the respiratory system.

Thank you so much for reading,

Carolyn J.

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