The Perfect Rainy Day

11:46:00 AM

Once I woke up this morning, I literally didn't want to get up!  It was cold and I could hear the rain tapping on the window, but sadly I had to get up and go to the university.  But, once I got back, I took the rest of the day to dedicate it to myself.

So I light up a candle put on comfy warm clothes and began to lounge around my room.  I started with watching a bit of my favorite shows from HGTV (this is basically my favorite and the only channel I watch.)  I hope I'm not the only one who is obsessed with this channel...  After turning the TV off, I picked up a book and began to get lost in it for at least a couple of minutes because come on, Book + Rainy Day = Perfection

But then, the sad part came, I had to leave those beautiful moments of relaxation for a time to start on my school work.  It was still great because the cold and windy weather was still going on outside.  The important part of enjoying your day is to feel comfortable and relax, dress down and have no worries about the rest of the day.

Thanks for reading:)    -Carolyn

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