Holiday Nail Lookbook

10:27:00 AM

With the holidays upon us, I wanted to do a last minute Holiday Nail Colors Look Guide with some of my favorite looks to rock on this season. Who says the holidays are about dark colors?, rather than shine and glitter! You’ll see a lot of that coming up.

Hope you can find some inspiration for your next event!

P.s. I wasn't sponsored to talk about any of these and also I'm aware I'm not the best hand model haha


Polishes: Betina Celebrate (Gold) & Chic (Red)

Polish: Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer 856

Polish: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Terra-Coppa

Polish: Wet & Wild 4866 Burgundy Frosty

Polish: Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer 327

Polish: Essie Smokin' Hot

If you want to go a little bit extra, you can create some designs and play around with some colors... unfortunately I cannot teach you. I was not gifted with the skill and patience to do nail art.  

(This is my sister's hand and her work. At least someone in the family is gifted)

Thank you for reading!

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