Traveling Tips: Luggage Essentials

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Even if I'm not an expert traveler, I've learned a few things along the way.  For a while I've been wanting to write about what I consider to be the most important things to bring on any trip and I pretty much think I summarized it the best I could.  So here is what my little list:

1. Luggage Packing List- Before I would even think of what I'm going to pack, I can't start without having a list in my hand.  One of the most important things ever; knowing what you have and what your missing by keeping track of it.  I personally prefer to have an old fashioned paper list, but not everyone is the same.  So here I leave you with the links to both of them! :

    - Paper →
    - App 

2. Travel Laundry Bag or Plastic Bag- It's always good to know what's clean and what isn't, i don't know, I'm just saying...

3. Electronic Gear Bag- I think is more important to have this small bag on your backpack or carry-on.  Reason is because while you are on the plane, you would like to have an easy access to your cables and electronic devises.  Some of this may be chargers, portable battery, headphones, iPod, phone, tablet, camera, etc.

4. Cosmetics Bag- At this point I have mention a lot of bags... , but hey you have to stay organize, right?  It's not just make-up, but also moisturizers, hair, dental and nail products.

5. Snacks- For the plane and the rest of your trip, when you want to munch on something or your just sick or the mini pretzels.    

6. Books and Magazines- They can bring you ideas along the way or help you get lost for a few hours.  A few airports have a new service where there are stands for used and new books for you to take for FREE and read it on your flight, you can take it home and later put it back or donate one of your own books. (This is seriously a great idea, good job airports.)

7. SOCKS, Pillow and Blanket- Haha yes, SOCKS! Great for when you just want to sit down and get comfortable, and maybe even take a nap.

8. Medication Bag- Yes, another bag, but this one may be one of the most important one yet.  Its crucial to always have one of everything because when don't know when we might get the flu, a fever or any allergy, so its good to always be prepared.

9. Always Be Prepare- It doesn't matter if you go to a tropical island or a city in winter, always be prepare for everything. Pack an umbrella, a jacket, some shorts and/or jeans, your weather app may be wrong sometimes.

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